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Our Journey

In the year 1974, ESE embarked on a remarkable journey that would see it evolve into a distinguished leader and authorized OEM for Japan Tamura to produce electrochemical, PCB ink and PCBA solder paste. Founded in this pivotal year, ESE has spent over five decades growing, adapting, and setting new industry standards.

The early years were marked by the company’s relentless dedication to quality and innovation. ESE began as a manufacturer, producing cutting-edge products that catered to a variety of industries. With each passing year, we refined our techniques, developed new solutions, and expanded our reach, building a solid foundation for the future.

As we progressed, ESE recognized the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. This led to strategic partnerships with reputable brands in the industry. These collaborations allowed us to tap into a wealth of expertise and technology, which further enriched our offerings. It wasn’t just about creating products anymore; it was about providing holistic solutions to our customers.

ESE’s journey was one of continual transformation, adapting to evolving technology and market demands. Starting in solder manufacturing, we diversified across industries such as PCB manufacturing, smartcard production, printing, and mechanical processes. Our unwavering commitment to quality set us apart in every sector. ESE earned a reputation for delivering the best, becoming a recognized wholesaler of high-quality products. Beyond superior offerings, our distinction lay in providing exceptional technical support and after-sales services, understanding the enduring nature of customer relationships. Throughout our evolution, we remained a trusted partner, making a mark not only for our products but also for our dedication to excellence.

Recognizing the need to cover more specialized areas in PCB and PCBA, ESE’s expertise and success paved the way for the inception of CTS.  Established in 1980, CTS Industries stands as a testament to ESE’s excellence and legacy of adaptability and excellence to further cater to the unique demands of the PCB and PCBA industries, even delving into Special Materials. This strategic expansion reflects ESE’s forward-thinking approach and our dedication to providing top-tier solutions to an ever-evolving market. Together, ESE and CTS are poised to continue our journey of innovation and excellence, ensuring our place at the forefront of specialized electronics industries.

Today, with over five decades of history and experiences in the industry, ESE stands as a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and collaboration. We look back on our journey with pride, but we also look forward to the future with a commitment to continue exceeding our client expectations, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.






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