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ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes

September 26, 2023

ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes: Unmatched Insulation for Demanding Applications

In the world of electrical and industrial applications, where safety, reliability, and durability are paramount, having the right materials at your disposal can make all the difference.

ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes have proven to be a game-changer in the industry, providing unmatched insulation that can withstand a variety of environmental challenges.

These remarkable tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber, designed to bond only to themselves.

Below are the features and benefits of ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes and discover why they have become a trusted solution for a wide range of applications.

The Science Behind ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes

ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes are engineered using a specially formulated silicone rubber.

This unique formulation enables these tapes to create a permanent and incredibly strong bond when wrapped around a target object or wire.

It is important to note that these tapes bond only to themselves, which sets them apart from traditional adhesive tapes.

This self-fusing property is at the heart of what makes ARLON® tapes so effective and versatile.

Outstanding Insulation Properties

One of the primary functions of ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes is to provide superior electrical insulation.

These tapes have earned a reputation for their exceptional dielectric properties, making them the go-to choice for insulating wires and cables in various industries.

The insulating barrier created by ARLON® tapes is highly resistant to moisture, ozone, and corona discharge.

This level of protection is essential in environments where electrical integrity is critical, ensuring that wires and components remain safe and functional even in harsh conditions.

Wide Temperature Range

ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes are designed to perform consistently across a broad temperature range.

Whether subjected to extreme heat or freezing cold, these tapes maintain their insulating properties and structural integrity.

This adaptability to temperature fluctuations makes them suitable for applications in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, and more, where environmental conditions can be unpredictable.

Versatility in Applications

The versatility of ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes is a key reason for their popularity across a wide range of industries. Some of the most common applications include:

  1. Electrical Insulation: ARLON® tapes are widely used for insulating wires, splices, and cables in the electrical and telecommunications sectors. Their resistance to moisture and corona discharge ensures long-lasting protection.
  2. Automotive: In the automotive industry, these tapes are used for wire harnesses and cable repairs. They offer excellent protection against heat and abrasion.
  3. Aerospace: ARLON® tapes have found their way into the aerospace industry, where they are used for wire bundling, insulating connectors, and protecting components from extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.
  4. Industrial Maintenance: These tapes are an invaluable tool for maintenance professionals in various industries. They can be used for emergency repairs on hoses, pipes, and even as a temporary sealant.
  5. Marine Applications: The moisture-resistant properties of ARLON® tapes make them a top choice for marine applications, including sealing electrical connections and insulating wires and cables on boats and ships.


ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes are the embodiment of ingenuity and innovation in the field of electrical insulation.

Their unique self-fusing silicone rubber formulation, exceptional insulating properties, and adaptability to a wide temperature range have made them an indispensable choice in numerous industries.

These tapes have consistently met the needs of demanding applications, providing a level of performance that is hard to match with other materials.

When it comes to ensuring the safety, reliability, and longevity of electrical and industrial systems, ARLON® Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes have undoubtedly become the go-to solution for professionals who demand the best.

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