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September 13, 2023

Solenoid Valve Designed for Pneumatic Actuators with NAMUR Standard

Solenoid valves are crucial components in various industrial applications, controlling the flow of fluids or gases with precision and reliability.

Below is a specific type of solenoid valve designed for direct mounting onto 1/4 turn pneumatically operated valve actuators that meet the ‘NAMUR’ standard fixing dimensions.

These valves are indispensable in a wide range of industries, ensuring efficient automation and control.

A 3 Port 2 Position Solution

The solenoid valve in question is a 3 port 2 position, pilot operated valve, primarily intended for applications where precise control and reliability are paramount.

This configuration allows for two different flow states, making it versatile for a variety of tasks.

The pilot operation is a key feature of this valve, allowing it to function in conjunction with a primary control valve.

This secondary valve is actuated by the solenoid’s electromagnet, which, when energized, changes the flow state of the primary valve.

This design is efficient and reliable, as the pilot control allows for accurate and fast response times.

Exm Coil Illustration

The valve is illustrated with an Exm coil, which is a specific type of electromagnetic coil used to actuate the solenoid.

The Exm coil offers excellent electrical efficiency and is known for its ability to withstand tough environmental conditions.

This ensures the reliability and longevity of the solenoid valve, even in demanding industrial environments.

Diverse Body Material Options

One of the standout features of this solenoid valve is the range of body material options available, ensuring compatibility with various applications and environmental conditions:

  1. Aluminium (Standard): The standard option, aluminium is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for a wide range of applications. It provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is an ideal choice for most industrial settings.

  2. Stainless Steel: For applications that demand enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is the go-to option. Its superior strength and corrosion resistance make it perfect for harsh environments and corrosive fluids.

  3. Brass: Brass is often chosen for its excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. It is particularly suitable for applications involving compressed air or non-corrosive fluids.

Seal Kit Availability

A key aspect of maintaining the longevity and performance of solenoid valves is ensuring that the seals are in optimal condition.

The availability of a seal kit, such as the VSK200, is a valuable addition.

These seal kits make it easy to replace worn or damaged seals, extending the life of the solenoid valve and minimizing downtime for maintenance.


Solenoid valves are essential components in automation and control systems, and the solenoid valve designed for direct mounting onto 1/4 turn pneumatically operated valve actuators with ‘NAMUR’ standard fixing dimensions is a standout choice.

Its 3 port 2 position, pilot operated design, and diverse body material options cater to a wide range of industrial applications.

The Exm coil ensures reliable operation, even in challenging conditions.

With the availability of seal kits like the VSK200, maintenance is made easier, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of these valves.

Whether you need precision control, durability, or corrosion resistance, this solenoid valve offers a solution tailored to your needs.

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