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Agfa is the number one phototooling film supplier worldwide (IdeaLINE). Besides this established film technology, we are also offering inkjet inks (DiPaMAT) for the digital production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and photochemical machining.

Next to photolithography, also inkjet can be used for the production of PCB’s.A pattern is generated by jetting uniform droplets of a controlled size on a well-positioned place on a substrate. Typical applications are legend ink, etch resist and solder mask.

Worldwide presence and support
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Inkjet inks for industrial piezo printheads
Colours: white, yellow, black and flexible white
Long shelf life
Excellent adhesion to solder masks
Certified by all PCB inkjet printer suppliers
Excellent image quality
Compliant to RoHS, IPC, MIL, ASTM and UL94
High UV cure speed under Mercury bulb and LED
Worldwide presence and support
DiPaMAT cleaning solution

Semi-Finished Goods