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Rail Line Sleet Brush


  • The Sleet Brush sits underneath the train. The brush head is made from a set of spring steel tines, which is raised and lowered by a pneumatic cylinder, and as a result it will scrub any surface it passes over. The Sleet Brush is a well-proven, extremely heavy duty product with a history of long life and has been fitted to trains since 1990.
  • The Sleet Brush is fitted to all London Underground lines that workabove ground as well as to the Network Rail MPV’s and during the winter
    months the Sleet Brush is used to clear away sleet and snow from the
    third-rail power lines.
  • SNCF in France is using the sleet brush for the purpose of clearing thetracks of leaves and cleaning the rail head to enable track circuits to work
    more effectively and to improve braking efficiency.

Pneumatrol has served the railway industry for over 50 years, specialising in design and manufacture of high integrity pneumatic components and control systems. The Sleet Brush is a unique product from Pneumatrol. It’s a track head conditioning system to clean rail lines.

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