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Water-Wash Photo-Sensitive Printing Plate: Printight


Printight Characteristics
  1. Printight can be processed using tap water at room temperature without the need for addictives
  2. Its polysters film base,known for its excellent stability, makes plate mounting easy for operators
Excellent Printing Quality
  • Toyobo MC employs a unique photopolymer technology that ensures exceptional accuracy in plate thickness.  Furthermore, the plate exhibits a strong affinity for inks, resulting in outstanding ink transfer even with minimal printing pressure

World's first water-washable letterpress plate.

In 1977, Toyobo launched the world's first water-washable letterpress plate with unique polymer technology cultivated over many years.

Wide range of applications and characteristics of TOYOBO Printight® are shown in this catalogue.

Please check each application and find out an appropriate plate you need.


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