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Water-Wash Flexo Plate: Cosmolight


  • The plate is processed with tap water (warm water at 40℃ with a small amount of surfactant), eliminating the need for hyrdrocarbon solvents or strong alkalis. This makes the plate-making process more environmentally friendly
Excellent Print Quality
  • Toyobo unique LAMS technology ensures the reproduction of flat-top dots, resulting in exceptional print quality
Higher Productivity
  • Plate-making is complete within one hour, leading to cost savings in production

Water-washable flexo plate that is durable to water-based ink

Toyobo are the pioneers of water-washable letterpress plates and have commercialized the world's first water-washable flexo plate, Cosmolight®. Toyobo superior photopolymer technology produces a water-washable plate that is not only durable with water-based ink but is also compatible with solvent-based and UV inks. This revolutionary plate eliminates the need for toxic and environmentally hazardous washout solvents.

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