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Thermoelectric Generator (TGE)


  • Model: 5030 TEG, 9-5050 TEG, 5060 TEG, 1120 TEG, P-5100 TEG, 5120 TEG, 5220 TEG, 8550 TEG, 1500 TEG
  • Power Range: 0-500W, 500-2KW, 2KW-6KW
  • Annual maintenance interval
  • Deigned for 24/7 operation

Remote sites that do not have access to a reliable power supply like grid power, low accessibility and unpredictable and inclement weather are often the challenges to operators. Ensuring a steady and reliable supply of power to the critical components is the key factor to safety and continuous operation.

Introducing Global Power Technologies (GPT) thermoelectric generators (TEG), a solid-state (no moving parts) generator that is built to work in the most challenging environments on Earth. Extreme desert heat to the coldest regions, offshore hazardous and salt-laden environments, our TEGs are deployed across all conditions. TEGs provide a steady DC power supply to power your critical loads, ranging from 5W to 5000W.

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