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  • “Matte” side releasable! No out-gassing or contaminant transfer that will affect solder adhesion
  • Engineered conformance layer that prevents uncontrolled “squeeze-out” and meets Mil and IPC Specs
  • “Ultra smooth” surface finish for superior adhesive flow control
  • Extremely low X-Y axis movement
  • Clean, inert with no out-gassing of contaminants or solvents harmful to vacuum systems
  • Operating temperature to 425°F (218°C) with reduced ram pressures
  • Environmentally friendly with no ozone-depleting chemicals or flourines. Suitable for incinerator or landfill disposal!

An ultimate conformable release film for scrap-free applications for the lamination of cover layers and flexible circuits. It is fine-tuned to reduce excessive “squeeze-out” of adhesive into pad areas and will also effectively block adhesive or resin flow into any other unwanted areas.

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