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  •  Contaminate free release from resins and separator plates
  •  Rated for Operating Temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) for up to 2 Hours
  •  Optimal thickness at 1.8 mils (47μm) for easy Handling (50% thicker than competitive release films)
  •  No embedded impurities
  •  Extremely low X&Y Axis shrinkage with reduced static potential
  •  Essentially inert: no out-gassing, no plate residue, no inter-laminar adhesion influence, and no vacuum system   contamination
  •  Environmentally friendly: no Ozone depleting chemicals, no fluorine’s
  •  “LE” low extractable offers a cleaner surface free of residues with minimum extraction characteristics

A designated for those Pacothane release film applications that require a very low extraction of residues on the surface of the laminated substrate. “LE” is perfect for Unclad, Kapton and Stiffener builds which require pristine surfaces post lamination for further secondary sequential lamination builds or printing applications.

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Ivan Lau