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  •  Ease of handling single component which is .011” (279µ) thick
  •  Reduced contamination and debris in lamination area
  •  Tooling pins are not impinged upon— PACO•CLUTCH™ can be pre-tooled
  •  Easy clean-up and tear down
  •  Improved clutch effect-flow characteristics of PACO•CLUTCH™ are engineered for performance
  •  Inner-layer registration is improved and more consistent
  •  Predictably low x and y axis shrinkage
  •  Suitable for operating temperature up to 425°f (218°c) for up to 2-hours
  •  No embedded impurities: essentially inert, no outgassing, no plate residues, no vacuum system contamination
  •  Environmentally friendly: no ozone depleting chemicals, no fluorine

A two-side releasable film, engineered specifically for use by PCB Multilayer manufacturers that laminate etched copper laminate cores, in place of copper foil.

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Ivan Lau