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  • Single-ply handling, TRIPAK is a 3-ply construction with a custom-engineered Press Pad sandwiched between two layers of PACOTHANE® Release Film, which guarantees quick and clean release from Separator and Tooling Plate surfaces
  • Static-free, clean and essentially fiber-free (cellulose fibers are “sealed” in between the two layers of PACOTHANE® Release Film)
  • Optimized surfaces for automated handling Equipment
  • Operating temperature of 475°F (246°C).
  • Available in a selection of two thicknesses of .035” (0.89 mm) and .055” (1.4mm) for customized Heat Input control

(also called TRIPAK) is a PACOTHANE®- clad, releasable Press Pad that is specifically engineered to control the variables associated with the lamination processes used in the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards. TRIPAK’S primary function is to economically deliver consistent, repeatable Heat Rise. The secondary function of this three-layer pad is to equalize applied pressure across the panel surface.

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