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  • can be used routinely to check press platens for parallelism
  • provides an accurate way to pinpoint where and how pressure is distributed across the surface of the circuit board.
  • The laminator can easily identify the presence of “high and low” pressure zones prior to actual lamination, which can impact scrap rates
  • can show uneven pressure distribution across the nip rollers of a Dry Film Laminator and can detect imperfections on the nip rollers themselves. PRESSPROBE™ testing can also highlight possible surface patterning on inner-layers (due to glass style) and therefor can characterize the possible affect that such irregularities may have in connection with the imaging of fine-lines

A quick, simple and accurate in-house procedure for checking for “high” and “low” pressure zones due to (1) press platen misalignments or (2) the design configuration (pads, high density circuitry, ground planes, etc.) of the circuit board itself. Pressures, distributed unevenly, can lead to circuit board manufacturing problems and rejects.

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