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  • Two-sided direct coat release allows users to develop custom techniques as it relates to special Flex Lamination applications with the
  • added benefit of increased hydraulic “Z” axis
  • Engineered Conformance layer that prevents uncontrolled “squeeze-out”
  • Smooth Surface Finish for superior Adhesive Flow Control
  • Extremely low X-Y axis movement
  • Clean, inert with no out-gassing of contaminants or solvents harmful to vacuum systems
  • Operating temperature to 425°F/216°C with reduced ram pressures

A single layer two-sided conformable release film cater for cover-layer and flex circuit applications that require more hydraulic drive. This film must be used with a buffer release film positioned between the circuit and Pacoflex™ 10000. The other side has a designed suitable release coating that allows it to be easily removed from separator plates or press pads

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